Why Single Thai Women Become More And More?


If you have ever been to Thailand you must have noticed that there are more single Thai women than single Thai men. Why single Thai women become more and more? What brought about this phenomenon?

A Thailand lady seeking her true love

A Thailand lady seeking her true love

Reason 1  Thai women are millions more than Thailand men. The proportion of men to women in the Thailand population is 1:2 so that there is a population imbalance. Naturally there are some Thailand women who cannot find their boyfriends. Besides, some social factors are changing in Thailand, which makes the selection range becomes smaller and smaller.

Reason 2  Educated Thai ladies cannot bear being a full-time housewife. In the past Thai women tended to give up their job after giving birth to babies. For those modern Thai ladies, they prefer working in the office to being a stay-at-home mom. It is said that to be a rebel of women against men.

Reason 3  With the development of the society Thai ladies are becoming more and more independent and confident in the circles of careers, life and social occasions. Some of them enjoy the status and the freedom of being single.

Reason 4  From women’s point of views it is generally believed that Thailand men lack a feeling of securing and trust. This may be partly true. On the one hand, Not all of Thailand men don’t have a strong sense of responsibilities. It must be understood that there are some men who are perfect husband and life partner. On the other hand ,Thailand men are few and together with other factors some of they sometimes grow arrogant and overbearing. What’s worse, some men even commit domestic violence which makes many single Thailand women want their distance.

Reason 5  So far some women choose to be single because they are afraid of having difficulty in dealing with the relationship between themselves and their mother-in-law, worried about the infidelity of their husband and about being tied down to family burden.

Reason 6  Thailand people have always been exceptionally spontaneous and love freedom. They do not like to be constrained by others. This is particularly apparent in men and correspondingly most of Thailand men are not serious in their affections.

Taking all the factors into consideration, it is not a bit surprising that single Thai women are becoming more and more.

Though disappointed by Thailand men, single Thailand women begin to consider foreign husband. Following this tendency are many dating sites. Taking this advantage they turn to international dating sites including Asian dating sites. At the same time, Thailand ladies are very popular for their beauties and good virtues round the world and many western gentlemen like dating them online. Finally they marry foreigners and the number of cross-cultural marriages in Thailand is on the rise.

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