Are All Pattaya Thailand Girls Scammers?

Thailand is a magical place, great climate, beaches and a unique culture that isn’t found anywhere else. Then there are the hot Thai girls of course. Many Western men find themselves attracted, almost enchanted, by the ladies of Thailand once they go on their first vacation to Thailand. Many of these men go to Pattaya, the seaside resort known for its wild nightlife. The girls of Pattaya are both famous and notorious. On one hand, they are known for their beauty, easy going fun attitude and smiles, but on the other hand some think they are only after the money. What’s the truth?
Pattaya Thailand girl in a club
Let me give you a bit of a background on Pattaya if you haven’t been or is considering retiring there. Pattaya is a seaside resort about 2 hours from Bangkok. It’s a modern town with all the amenities anyone could ever want. The beach is decent as well, but the real draw for most Western men are the Pattaya girls. Once setting foot in Pattaya for the first time, it’s easy to think someone suddenly transported you into another dimension. Pattaya has to be, and I’m not kidding, the one place in the world with the most attractive women per square feet. It’s simply astounding. You can’t walk ten feet without turning your head after a young beautiful Thai girl. She’s also likely to send you a shy, but friendly smile.

These Thailand girls of Pattaya come from all over the world, but most are from a part of Thailand called Isaan. The girls mostly work at their parents farms, which is very hard work, or they work menial, low paying and boring jobs. It’s easy to understand why these Asian girls dream of something more exciting and stable. No one wants to spend their youth slaving in the fields sunrise to sunset. So some of them go to Pattaya looking for excitement, work, parties and money. Many end up working in the famous beer bars, where they entertain customers, but many also work in the tourism and hospitality industry. A lot of these Thailand girls would like to date a Western man. They are intrigued by the freedom, the financial stability and adventure that a relationship to a Western man implies.

It’s wrong and too easy to say that all Pattaya girls are there for the money or that all men who visit are just looking for some good times but nothing more.

It’s not always a good idea to look for love in a bar. Not back home and not in Thailand. There’s no need for it in Pattaya either. If you can a gentleman, polite and kind, then you can meet hot Thai girls everywhere in Pattaya.


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