Asian Dating Trips: Find Great Hotels In Bangkok

As the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is the major tourist gateway of Thailand, regarded as one of the tourist hot-spots in the world. Every year there are millions of people travel to Thailand and enjoy a wonderful vacation in this magical land. And part of the tourists go there specially for the beautiful hot Thai girls. In this modern city, you will be impressed by its rich night-life and the girls there are more open-minded and sexier. You are sure to have fun with them.

hot Asian girls

Nightlife in Bangkok with hot Asian girls

Best Hotels For Asian Dating Trips Near The Hottest Nightlife

Since you come all long way to be here in Bangkok, you should spend some time in picking a great hotel where you can enjoy the wonderful famous Bangkok night-life in the crazy city. So it should be near the bars, clubs, pubs and other famous establishments. Maybe it’s a little expensive but the convenience, great views and joyful party time are worthy of it. Musics in these modern bars and clubs are mostly the latest hip hop beats, which can keep your feet and heart moving crazily all the night. And the hot Asian girls are dancing so close to you. Their beautiful sexy smiles and hot moving bodies will release you from all the upset trouble things and make you relaxed feeling like in the heaven. After the party, you may be lucky enough to spend the night with the girl you like. In addition, some hotels allow their guests to invite girls back for a night without extra payment.

Asian dating

bangkok-hotel for Asian dating

Things You Should Know Beforehand

sex thai girl

sex thai girl

There are a few things you should be careful and keep it within mind.
1) Never forget to book your hotels in advance. If you are hurry to book the hotel after your arrival at the Thai airport and anywhere else in Thailand, you may spend 20% – 30% than advanced booking. And the low season for best rates is between March and September. However, even the price is not so high during the high season.

2) Make sure that your hotel is close enough to either the BTS Sky Train (Bangkok’s elevated train system) or the MRT (Bangkok’s underground train system). I highly recommend the two modes of transportation, especially when you are getting around the commercial areas of the city. You can go to majority of the main attractions in Bangkok for sightseeing with the BTS Sky Train and the MRT. It is convenient, cheap, fast and most importantly air conditioned. The service starts at 6am and ends at midnight.

3) Remember that most establishments, bars and clubs in Bangkok close at 1am or 2am the midnight, which are strictly enforced by police. Once the music stops and the party lights go off, then you know it’s time to go back the hotel. There are some illegal clubs that close at 4am. However, as a tourist, you should not take the risk or get yourself into trouble.

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