Dating Tips For Men: Dining With Hot Asian Girls


When dating Asian girls, dining with them is a great way to promote understanding about each other and facilitate the development of your love relation. The following tips are for men who are dating hot Asian girls online. After you have a basic understanding of your girl on Asian dating site or other Asian dating platform, you can ask her out to have a romantic supper with you. Then you can make full use of this chance and know more about each other.


The restaurant does not need to be high-class and exclusive. But its sanitary conditions must be good and it is better that it has some specialities. Moreover, it is convenient and easy for your girl to get there.

Have dinner with Asian girls

Have dinner with Asian women


You must be punctual while your girl may be late. In case you had better get to the place before hand. If the business of the restaurant is good, you should make a reservation ahead of time. Better choose a quiet place.


Whether to send gifts and flowers or not when dining with your Asian love, it depends on the familiarity. When you give rose, too many or too few is not good. 9 roses are good. If you are not familiar with each other, you had better not send rose.


Your clothes should not be too fashionable or too formal. Old or new clothes are both OK but they must be clear and tidy. You should pay special attention to cuff and collar of your clothes. If you do not have any body odour, there is no need for perfume.


Be confident and generous. The outward behaviours bespeak your inner world. Speak in a moderate tone of voice. Don’t be free with your tongue.

Western men dating hot Asian girl

Western men dating hot Asian girl

Care for her

Behaviour like an gentlemen. Open the door for her and help her move the chair. When ordering, ask her what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Does she like spicy food? The meals should not be too expensive or too cheap. Ladle out the soup and serve the tea for her.

Dining manners

Before dining out with your girl, know something about the basic dinning manners and taboos in the country of your girlfriend. If you are having Thai dating, know more about Thailand. If she is Vietnamese girl, you should search for Vietnam. It is very important.

After dinner

Pay for the dinner and see her home if she agrees. You can send her a message, reading “Good night” when she goes to bed.

Now remember this and have dinner with beautiful stars, the moon and candles. I guess with your careful preparation, your girl will get excited and moved by you after the pleasant dinner. Have fun dining with your hot Asian girls.


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