Distinctive Thai Holidays

Thailand is an amazing country with scenic mountains and rivers and its people are simple and natural. There are thousands of tourists from other places coming to this beautiful country for sightseeing and having good time. Aprat from the unique natural lanscape, the distinctive and characteristic Thai holidays are also a great attraction for the visitors. Here are some intersting and popular Thai holidays to help you know more about the country.

Monkey food festival. This festival will be held in Lopburi province every 26th October. Lopburi or Lawo used to be an important ancient town during the 10th century to 13th century, whose architectures reflect the comprehensive stly of Thailand and western Europe. And it is also famous as Monkey city. In this monkey food festival, local residents will prepare different kinds of fruits and food waiting for monkeys to enjoy a banquet. It is a spectacular and weird scene.

Thai holidays

Monkey Food Festival

Songkran festival. It is one of the most important festival for Thai people, which takes place from 13th to 15th in April. The whole country will fall into joyful activities to pour water to each other indicating a clean welcome to the Thai new year. And during the holidays, people will carry on various religious ceremonies, visit relatives or have some fun in Thailand bars  with  friends .   

Thai holidays

Songkran festival

Phuket Vegetarian Festival. This annual significant festival of Phuket will be held from the 1st to 10th of lunar September. It originated from nineteenth century and foreign workers from China only ate vegetables in order to pure the soul. And there are some religious ceremonies like walking on the hot coal or climbing up bladed ladders. Really terrifying!

Thai holidays

Phuket vegetarian festival : walking on the hot coal

Full moon party. It is all-night beach party in Haad Rin on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand on the night before or after every full moon. Tourists from other countries will go there to celebrate the festival and appreciate the most beautiful full moon in the world.

Thai holidays


Candle festival. It willl be held at the end of July in Ubon Ratchathani. In this five-day festival, there are competitions, exhibitions on delicate or elaborate candles and a big parade on wax sculptures. Besides, candles will be made and sent to temples for monks to keep chanting.

Thai holidays

Candle Festival

BoSang umbrella fairs. This handicrafts fairs are held every January in BoSang, Chiang Mai. Umbrellas made in this place are sold well all over the world, which are more art works than tools against the rain.

Thai holidays

Bosang umbrellas are well known to the world

International kite festival. Weather in March is very comfortable and pleasant in Thailand. So it has been chosen to be the place for International kite festival and this activity get popular among local residents. Then they keep this festival from generation to genration.


Thai holidays

International kite festival

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