How To Greet Thai People—-Tips For those Who Seek A Thai Wife


When you decide to find a Thai girl as your life partner and soul mate, to learn how to greet Thai people is essential. For one thing, Thailand way of greeting is greatly different from that of other countries and it is deep-rooted in Thai culture. For another, courtesy in Thailand is a very important tenet. Thai people like those who are polite. If you want to please your Thai love and her family members, spend some time in learning these customs. It is helpful for your dating Thai girl.

Thailand Wai

Thailand Wai

Thai people like to greet with standard expressions no matter whether you are a stranger or an acquaintance. Whether it is greeting or parting they sincerely do a certain gesture. It can bring warmth and serve as a bridge to bring people together on social occasions. They are polite and considerate. They do something to express their slight emotions. If you come to Thailand, greet sincerely in Thai style and you will benefit a lot.

Beautiful Thai Girfriend

Beautiful Thai Girfriend

What to do and what to say when greeting

We can have an understanding of Thai greeting style through TV, movies or other means. They put their hands together with their palm presses and in a pray- like gesture at chest level. And then bow slightly to the person. This is called “Wai” in Thai language. Generally speaking, men put their hands in front of faces while Thai women put in front of breasts. When you want to express your deep respect you can bow more lowly and hod your hands higher and closer with your face. When they do the gesture, they always accompany it with the word “sawasdee”. One more thing you should pay attention to is do the greeting gesture in a gracious and beautiful gesture.

What to pay attention when greeting

When you wai to someone who is senior to or older than you, bend your head down till the tip of your nose touches your fingers. However, when you greet to those who are younger or junior, you do not need to bend your head. In the normal circumstances younger people greet first. When you are greeted with “wai”, return as soon as possible to acknowledge. Elder people only smile and nod head in reply. But memers from royal or noble household and monks do not have the need to return your greeting and they just use facial expressions or language to express thanks.

Thai greeting gesture can not only be used to say hello and shake hands which are used in western countries also widely used to express apologies, forgiveness, parting and gratefulness. For instance, when you receive a gift from people of higher status, you should “wai” to him or her. Besides, never “wai” to those who are serving other people such as waiters, vendors,taxi drivers, shopkeepers and someone whom you employ. You should not wai to your friends, either.


Thai greeting gesture is full of sincerity and make people feel relaxed and being important. When you visit Thailand or fly there to meet your Thailand girl, do this and be a polite person. You will soon gain the acceptance of your Thai love and her parents.

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