If You Don’t Know Thai Culture, You Don’t Understand Thai Girls

Thai girls

Do you understand Thai girls well?

Thai dating is in great demand all over the world today. Every year millions people come to Thailand for fun and for a wonderful date with hot Thai girls. However, there are many folks that come to Thailand and never actually learn to speak the Thai language, so sometimes they feel annoyed and can not enjoy a great relationship with a Thai woman. I personally feel it’s better if you do learn Thai. After all, it opens up a whole world of communication and gives you a deeper insight into how other people live their life. Besides, there’s going to be thinking differences and cultural differences too. So if you want to develop a long-term relationship with a Thai lady, you’d better know more about Thai culture.

Thai Girls Feel Gratitude To Her Parents

It’s important to learn about the culture of the country that your girl comes from. Culture learning will make you know more about your girl’s behavior and it will help your relationship to have less problems. What you really have to know about Thai girls is that they are very gratitude to their parents. They are taught to respect their parents and help their parents in any way they can. And parents expect to get help from their children when they get old. They think that children should help them back since they raised the children with so much efforts, paying the tuition fee, providing living condition and so on. Thai families also don’t have pension system like western countries, so that’s why they need financial help from their children.

Thai Ladies Just Date For Money?

This is what most of westerners don’t understand and think their Thai girlfriends are dating them only for money to support their families. I don’t deny that some girls date western men out of this purpose. But you can not ignore those single Thai ladies who are really getting online for a foreign husband and dreaming of a happy marriage. In fact, the majority of single Thai ladies sign up online to seek love and life-time partner seriously and honestly. So if you really like the girl, you should try to understand her, to understand that gratitude is very important in Thai culture.Your girlfriend should understand your culture as well. The best way to make this issue ends well is that you two need to meet in the middle. You can talk to her that you understand she has to help her family but it has to be in limit and reasonable. I believe that your Asian girl will show her understanding back to you.


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