Learning Thai Language With Your Thai Girls


How is your dating with Thai girl  going? Do you communication and exchange ideas in English or in Thai language? Have you ever considered learning the language of your Thai love? Your Thai girlfriend will be glad and pleased that you are making efforts to learn her language. There is a good way to learn it. Ask her to help you. The learning experience can not only enhance your relationship, aid you in Thai travel but also benefit your understanding and communication. So when chatting or calling your girlfriend, spend some time and have fun learning Thai together.

Learning Thai with your hot Thai girl

Learning Thai with your hot Thai girl

Thai, formally known as Siamese, is the official language in Thailand. It belongs to a family of Sino-Tibetan language System spoken in SE Asia. There is a population of about 50,000,000 speaking it. It mainly has four dialects respectively in Central, North, Northeast, and South Thailand and Bangkok language is the standard of Thai. You can learn Standard Thai with your Thai woman.

Before asking your Thai girl to teach you, first learn something by yourself. Your girl will be surprised at your progress. Here is the basic knowledge of Thai language.

Thai is a kind of analytic and isolated language whose basic vocabulary is characterized by one syllables. Different tones are distinctive to vocabulary and grammar. It is a kind of an alphabetic writing system with fine types of tones. Superimposition and compounding are the main types of word formation. Moreover, Thai have borrowed a lot of vocabulary from Sanskrit, Pali language, Chinese, English and some other languages. It is a mixture of varied and complex languages. Though sometimes you may feel boring learning it, it is really fun to be with your Thai woman together doing something.

Learning Thai from Your Thai girls

Learning Thai from Your Thai girls

When learning Thai with your Thai girl, you should pay attention to its word order. The basic word order is the same with English language. That is Subject + Predicate + Object. The most difference point is that is modifiers are placed after modified words. To put it simply, Thai adjectives are after nouns and adverbs are after verbs. Thai in stylized print is like notes in musical staff and little tadpoles with many small circles. It is written from left to right without punctuation and spaces between words and two spaces of letters are symbolized as one sentence.

It is difficult to learn a kind of foreign language. But it is pleasant to learn Thai with your Thai girl bit by bit. The most important is that it is helpful for further communication with her and her parents. And moreover, Thai girls are very kind and beautiful Asian girls. Enjoy every moment with her and Thai culture.


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