Polygyny In Thailand: Thai Girls Share One Husband

Polygyny in history.
Polygyny is a kind of marriage form that one man can get married with more than one woman without breaking the rules and constitutions of the country, which has been adopted since many years ago in lots of ancient countries like the old China. With the development of civilization and human nature, this kind of marriage form gradually goes out of the stage, however, there are still some underdeveloped countries like Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia and Thailand allowing its people to live in polygyny legally. Therefore, it is a common fact that many Thai  girls share one husband in Thailand.

Thai marriage

Thai women share one husband

The famous movie on Thai.
Anna and the King, a great romantic love movie talking about the story of the fifth Thai King, Mongkut and his tutor, Anna, which was best played by the famous star Chow Yun-Fat King from HK and the great actress Jodie Foster, reveals the relationship between men and women and their social positions in Thailand. Thai king is the supreme representative of the country. Men are allowed to have as many wives as he can afford and live with, but only one Asian wife can register the identity with legal authority. In the movie, King Mongkut looked down upon women and thought them belongings to their husbands at the beginning, but Anna changed that unequal thought and proved women could do more than men thought. However, this traditional view on the positions of Thai women and men has been rooted in this nation.

Thai marriage

Anna & King

Thai law
As it’s mentioned above, one Thai man can have more than a Asian bride, but just one of them can have the legally valid identity of being his wife and in the most case the first wife can get this identity. On the other hand, children whether is from the first wife or later wives have the right to inheritance according to the Thai laws.

Thai King Rama IX 
Based on these information, you may think that the present Thai King has a lot of wives, to our surprise, you’ve been wrong with that. King Rama IX is loyal to his only queen all along!! He studied abroad in his young age and has been deeply influenced by the western culture, so he prefers to one husband with one wife. The power of one man can not change the long existing traditions in the history, but King Rama IX works in proper sequence and leads Thailand forward a better future.

Thai King Rama IX with his only Thai wife

Thai girls seeking foreign husbands
Then let’s look back to these Asian  girls. You know, the world pay more attention to the female equality and rights in the society. Thai women are aware to the self-awareness and self-value. They no longer want to share one man and live hard life. So they turn to the foreign countries for a marriage. It is said that almost one third of Thai women getting married with foreigners and 74% of these  Thai girls  involved in transnational marriages marry to the westerners. In their eyes, these western guys can treat her more like a woman and give her a better future!

Thai girls for marriage

Thai girls seeking for transnational marriages

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