Thai Dating: Asian Girls Will Do These In The First Date

This article is mainly for those guys who want to find a Thai girlfriend or wife, which is about the first date with Thai girls and get know what These girls will do in the first date.

Asian girls Bring Friends Along

Asian dating

First Date With Asian lady

Generally speaking, girls from Thailand tend to be traditional and conservative. You probably have to wait about one or two days for her answer to your dating request. While most western women would like to tell you yes or no immediately when you ask her out for a dinner. So there is difference on the react to a date between western women and Thai women. You should not use the western-style way to treat your Thai lady. Think in the Thai way.
She will say yes to your dinner dating request if the girl are interested in you. But you should be aware of that she will not going there alone. Usually she will be accompanied by a friend or her families and this is really different from western-style date, which always surprises and confuses the western men. You may think that she just wants to get a free meal for her friends and families instead of enjoying a romantic private time with you like the other dinner dates in your country. However, it is quite normal for the first date in Thailand. You’d better get used to it.
She just wants to know their opinions on you so she has to take a friend or a family along to the date. In Thailand, the relationships with families and friends are much closer and more important than that of the western people. She cares about how her friends and families think about her future boyfriend or husband. If he does not get the approval of friends or families, it’s probably hard to develop a relationship with her. However, nothing to be worried. Just be yourself and show more respect to them. They might ask you some personal questions and you need to reply them politely. One thing to be careful. If her friend or family is a female, do not talk too much with her, because people will think you are flirting with the girl.

Test How Much You Love Her By Spending Money.

Asian dating

Change some Thai Bahts for your first That date

Yes, you will be tested how much you love her in the strange way. Your generosity on money means you love her very much. Single Asian lady is likely to take you to an expensive restaurant for the first date and order much food more than you can eat up. Well, just let her do it, if you want a chance to develop the relationship. She just wants to know whether you are serious to the relationship or not. And how much you will cost for her is telling her how much you are longing to be with her. After the first date, she will know your real feeling to her and she will let your pick the restaurant for the later dates and make you in charge of the whole thing.
Apart from that, little gifts will be appreciated for the first date no matter in western or Asian countries. These gifts should be personal and something practical for them in daily life. Shoes and handbags are their favourites. And romantic flowers like red rose and chocolates are also nice for a date gift. It would be easier for you to understand your Asian girl and have a good Thai dating once you understand all these first date things!!

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