Thai Travel Tips —-Clothing Habits Of Thai Women And Men


The Kingdom of Thailand is a beautiful and famous country in the South East Asia. It is known foe its Buddhist culture and customs, and its beautiful and slim people. Many people come for Thailand Pattaya girls, phuket girls and other hot and cute Thai girls. Some even make a Thai tour just to have a look at Phuket bar girls, phuket nightlife girls, nightlife inThailand and young and beautiful Thai girls. No matter what our purpose of visiting Thailand, it is essential for us to get familiar with the clothing habits of Thai women and men in daily life so as to accustom ourselves to Thai culture and customs and not to make funny mistakes.

meet Thailand girl

meet Thailand girl

Frequently speaking, men at work can wear shirts and trousers and neckties are optional. At parties, men can get by in a dark suit and can wear traditional collarless Thai shirts as well.. This kind of clothes are appropriate on the formal occasions. On an official ceremony or a formal social occasion white jackets and black pants with black neckties are all OK.

In most of social events Thai women must wear conservative clothes or skirts with smocks. In some places of Thailand Thai women are not allowed to go to the street in short trousers. However, in many developed cities of Thai such as Pattaya and Phuket, people have become more and more open-minded. They tend to follow the style of westerners. There Thai girls in beautiful and fashionable clothes are found everywhere. They also attract large numbers of tourists here.

When attending wedding, do not wear white clothes. Because white is the exclusive color for Thai brides. Do not wear purple or black clothes. The former are worn by widow ladies in morning and the later are only worn at funerals to express sadness.

If we attend funerals Thai women always wear black sleeved clothes while men wear dark suits with white shirts and black neckties. What’s more, Thai men wear black crapes in the sleeves of outer clothes as a sign of mourning.

The above are the fundamental customs and we must follow them when travelling in Thailand or flying to see your Thai love. Thai culture and customs are greatly influenced Buddhism and they regard politeness and respect as significant things. Therefore, to make your travel and tour pleasant and memorable or to make your hot Thai girl and her family happy, do as the above.

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