Traditional Clothes Of Thailand Women

Thai ladies’ everyday clothes are the same as women in China and other countries. They wear, for example, dresses, jeans and T-shirt in normal days(weekends or workdays). But in special days, for special occasion like wedding day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Songkran, Loy Krathong, etc. They wear traditional clothes in celebration. In addition, performers for a party or a public activities will wear traditional clothes.

a Thailand girl in traditional clothes

a Thailand girl in traditional clothes

About Thailand

Thailand is a country consisting of more than 30 ethnic nationalities. Among them, Thai nationality accounts for 40%, with Lao Nationality at 35% and so on. The main language used in Thailand is Thai language. Buddhism is the national religion with more than 90%population believing in it. The ideas of Buddhism have infiltrated into almost all the aspects of Thailand life including customs, literature, arts and architecture.

Traditional Clothes of Thailand Women

In a general, the traditional clothes of Thai women are comparatively plain. It is a great part of rich Thailand culture. Nowadays they are frequently dressed by women for festivals and performances to celebrate important occasions. Folk costumes are the full representative of rich culture. Pailform skirt is a underwear of women which began to get around from Raham XI of Bangkok Dynasty. The two ends of shirts are seamed in tubular-like shape and then folded to the other side. And at the left side the cloth from two ends overlaps and women can stick the overlapping part into the left side. When dressing, people can also dress it in the opposite direction. Most of the traditional clothes are home-spun and are the good and vivid representative of weaving craft of Thai women. Most of the traditional clothes are made of silk fabric. It feels soft and comfortable. The main parts of an outfit of traditional clothes are more or less the same: two top parts(inner and outer) and Pa pailform skirt. General styles are basically the same but the patterns of weaving, schemes and designs vary greatly.



silk fabric---excellent weaving craft of Thailand women

silk fabric—excellent weaving craft of Thailand women

Thai ladies in traditional clothes look very gorgeous and fantastic. Moreover, Thailand ladies always wear jewels(earrings, rings, necklaces, etc.) to go with traditional clothes, which make more charming.

If you have time and money, pay a visit to Thailand to feast your eyes on traditional clothes of Thailand women. It is great fun.

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