Traditional Thailand Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

As a Buddhism country, the traditional Thailand wedding ceremony is religious and sacred but not less exciting. First of all, the young men and Thai girls should be approved in religion and gain permission from her parents before getting legal marriage certificate from the government. And then a fortuneteller will be invited to pick a good date and time for the wedding ceremony, which is similar to China. When the big day comes, the bridegroom must go to the house of the Asian bride with betrothal gifts and is accompanied with a joyful singing and dancing crowd to fetch his future wife.

Asian bride

groom goes fethcing his Asian bride

Like most wedding ceremony in the world, the bride will get up early to make up and dress up in order to be the most beautiful bride. According to the Thailand tradition, the bridegroom should dress in a white Thai-style suits and his future Asian wife wear in Thai-style wedding dress, not necessarily white.

beuatiful Asian girl

Western husband and Asian wife recieving blessing from guests

During the ceremony, monks will be invited to chant sutras, in which way Thai people believe that can bring happiness, blessing and harmony to the new couple. Around by the monks, the groom and bride will burn the incenses, kowtow to the buddha statue and sit down to receive the Sai Mongkon, which is a white sacred string wrapped around the heads of the couple and attached to the figure of Buddha to symbolize their linked destinies. After parents of the bride or elder generation from her family wrap the Sai Mongkon around their heads, the guests and relatives will sprinkle sacred water to the hands of the couple symbolizing a kind of blessing. One thing to remember is that the Sai Mongkon should not be cut off by scissors but untied by her parents.

Thai girls, Thai marriage

monks chanting for new couple


Hot Asian girls for marriage

sprinkle sacred water to the new couple

Time for the big Thailand banquet. Various kinds of delicious Thai dishes are served. Before the feast, the groom and his beautiful Asian girl followed by her parents and the guests should put food into alms bowls of the Buddhist priests. It is interesting that monks in Thailand can eat meat. After that, guests can enjoy the feast indulging themselves in eating and drinking with joy.

Asian dating

The couple put food into monks’ bowls


At night, the new couple will enter the bridal chamber. And here is another part of traditional ceremony. A old couple who have a happy family and possess high social status will be invited to make the wedding bed for the new couple and they should lie in the bed together saying blessing words to the groom and bride. And there are a melon, a white cat, a stone, one boiler with water and one tray with mungs, sesame and grains in it placed next to the bed. The fruit and water mean the pure and calm minds of the couple; the stone indicates their deep and eternal love; mungs, sesame and grains symbolize independent and flourishing life; while the white cat is for catching rats. In the end the private time for the sweet couple finally arrives, the most memorable night ever in their life.

Asian wife

Enter bridal chamber with beautiful Asian wife

If you are in Asian dating, you may have the great chance to experience this traditional Thailand religious wedding ceremony.

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