What To Consider When Dining With Thai Girls?—-Thai Food Customs


When dating Thai girls, inviting her to dine together is one of the beautiful things to increase the relationship between Thai ladies and men. If you ask a Thai girl to dine out with you, what to pay attention to? And there are Thailand diet habits that you must know. Otherwise, the dining even is likely to destroy your relations. Now read this article and you will know and the following information can help you to promote your love relationship.

Thai Girl

Thai Girl

Diet Habits of Your Thai girls
Thai girls like eating spicy and salty food. They cannot leave peppers every meal. They like  cooking with fish gravy and MSG. Food fried in soy sauce or sugar are their dislikes. The curr and rice of folk style in Thailand is made of rice, meat or fish slices and vegetables with soy sauce. Fish, shrimps, chicken, and eggs are their favourites while they do not like beef or wine.
Thailand girls like tea, especially black tea and they are used to tea with ice but they do not drink hot tea. When they drink orange juice they will put in a bit of salt. This kind of habit is closely related to the tropical weather.
When dining with Thai girls, another habit is that they like to eat fruits after meals. They like to eat pineapples and watermelons with ice, salt and cayenne pepper. Food with these saucy has a distinctive flavor. Thai girls like have western breakfast and eat Chinese food for lunch and supper.
Attentions when dining with Thai girls
Traditionally´╝îThai people sit on a mat when dining. But now in all hotels and restaurants there are tables. Therefore, there is no difference from Chinese or western dining style. Today’s Thai people eat with a disk-shaped bowl, a spoon and chopsticks. First, have some rice in the bowl; than, take some soup with a spoon or some dishes with chopsticks. When dining with your Thai lady, you had better have small amount of rice every bowl to avoid mixing all kinds of dishes.
Of course, there may be some difference in your Thai love’s diet habit. So when chatting or dating with her, get to know it as soon as possible. Knowing them is helpful for your dating.
In conclusion, dining with your Thai love is a very good to way to improve your relations when the dining is made full use of. Now learn about the diet habits of Thai women and remember them when asking your Thai love to dine with you next time.

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